How to support the UNESCO/IHA GHG Project

At this stage of the project it is crucial to produce a reliable and extensive set of measurement data from reservoirs throughout the world. We would therefore appreciate your contribution of data, for which we have developed the questionnaire below.

UNESCO/IHA GHG Research Project Measurement Questionnaire (118KB PDF)

Please email, if you wish to:

  • submit reservoirs to apply for a measurement campaign
  • submit a questionnaire
  • enquire about other opportunities to support the UNESCO/IHA project

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy 
A following draft agreement on confidentiality and non-disclosure policy has been developed, to be used as a basis for legal document among IHA, reservoir owners/ operators/ convenors, and the research and measurement teams involved: Draft Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy May 2009 (84KB PDF)

UNESCO/IHA GHG Research Project

The overall objective of the UNESCO/IHA GHG Research Project is the evaluation of changes in GHG emissions due to the impoundment of freshwater reservoirs. 

The Project aims to:

  • develop measurement guidance for the evaluation of any change in the pre-existing GHG emissions;
  • promote scientifically rigorous measurements on a representative set of reservoirs (in accordance with the above guidance) and record the results in a common database;
  • develop predictive modelling tools to assess the GHG status of unmonitored reservoirs and potential new reservoir sites;
  • develop mitigation guidance for vulnerable sites.

See the answers to frequently asked questions about greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater reservoirs.

GHG Measurement Guidelines for Freshwater Reservoirs

The GHG Measurement Guidelines for Freshwater Reservoirs is a landmark publication and the current standard on measuring GHG emissions from reservoirs.

Find out more about the GHG Measurement Guidelines, including how to order a copy

The GHG Risk Assessment Tool

The GHG Risk Assessment Tool provides an estimation of the level of gross GHG emissions (existing or future) from a freshwater reservoir and gives indication of when the assessment of net GHG emissions may be relevant.

Find out more about the GHG Risk Assessment Tool


GHG Project Information Sheet (PDF)

GHG Project Presentation (PDF)

2008 Scoping Paper Assessment of the GHG Status of Freshwater Reservoirs (PDF)
As a result of two workshops on the Greenhouse Gas Status of Freshwater Reservoirs in Paris, France, 5-6 December 2006 and in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil 4-5 October 2007, this Scoping Paper was prepared as a basis for further dialogue and research on quantifying net GHG exchanges in river basins caused by the creation of a reservoir. This paper has been a key reference document for the UNESCO/IHA Project on the GHG Status of Freshwater Reservoirs.

This document is also available for download from UNESDOC.