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Minister, Grand Inga Development and Promotion Agency (ADPI)

Bruno Kapandji Kalala's career has spanned 40 years, and has taken him from the heart of government in charge of creating an integrated rural development centre for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), as well as being appointed minister of water resources and electricity, to his current position as minister in charge of the development and promotion of the Great Inga.

He also held the post of CFO for the National Electricity Company as well as heading the Diplomatic Mission for the Central Africa Power Pool, its aim being to implement energy policies to ensure the electricity supply to the 10 member States of the Economic community of Central African States. Inspired by this work, Bruno Kapandji Kalala created a foundation which aids rural populations and provides energy services to them.

Bruno Kapandji Kalala has been praised for his great management skills in both public and private affairs, and for his work in launching the Atlas for Renewable Energies in the DRC.

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9 May
13:00 - 14:00

Inga development

Type: Interval

The Grand Inga project, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has the potential to transform Africa’s power sector.  The project will be built in a series of stages and when fully completed could be the largest power station in the world... (Read more)