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Sister Yoela LUAMBANO


Director, Tulila Hydropower Project, Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes, Tanzania

Sister Yoela Luambano has been a sister with the Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes in Tanzania for the past 31 years. She also spent six years in a formation house. At the convent, she is responsible for building and planning, and is now the director of the Tulila Hydropower Project, a 5 MW capacity plant designed to deliver a secure and sustainable electricity supply to communities in the remote Ruvuma region.

The plant was developed with the support of hydropower plant operator and private investor Albert Koch, and entered into operation in 2015. It not only replaces the numerous diesel generators currently providing power to the remote communities, but also plays an important role in supporting the charity work of the Benedictine Sisters in the long term. The run-of-the-river plant lies on the Ruvuma river near the village of Tulila, and could be expanded to 7.5 MW.

Prior to becoming director, Sister Yoela was the coordinator of the plant. The convent now uses the electricity to support its activities including the bakery, carpentry, butchery, milling and for cooking.