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GUO Qingchao

GUO Qingchao

Professor, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR)

Guo Qingchao PhD, is a professor-level senior engineer, now working in the Department of Sediment Research, China Institute of Water Resources & Hydropower Research (IWHR). He has accumulated 30 years of experience in reservoir sedimentation, fluvial river processes, and sediment fundamental research, especially in numerical modelling and physical modelling for reservoir sedimentation, degradation of riverbed below the dam, channel bed variation of alluvial rivers, deposition in approach channels, sea bed variations in estuaries, and other sediment-related problems.

Guo Qingchao’s experience includes:

  • Finishing over 90 research projects. Among them about 30 projects are related to reservoir sedimentation, including the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River, Sanmenxia Reservoir on the Yellow River.
  • Over 100 papers published in journals or conferences, and four books published.
  • Won over 20 awards and honours for outstanding research work and social work, including one state-level second prize, four ministry-level awards, and the Chien Ning Prize, which is awarded to outstanding sediment researchers.
  • Active participation in international professional activities, member of the Reservoir Sedimentation Committee ICOLD, member of IAHR, member of WASER, etc.
  • Selected candidate for national key talent project, and expert with State Department special allowance.