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Accredited Assessor Training

Lead the way

Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become an accredited assessor for the hydropower sector’s leading sustainability assessment tools.

This five-day course will cover the internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP), including its new criteria on climate change mitigation and resilience.

Participants will be among the first to gain accredited assessor status for the newly developed Environmental, Social and Governance Gap Analysis Tool (HESG Tool).

How will I benefit?

On successful completion of the course participants will:

  • Gain a professional certificate recognised by IHA and the hydropower sector
  • Achieve comprehensive knowledge of the HSAP and HESG Tool
  • Meet the requirements to become an accredited HSAP and HESG Tool assessor
  • Possess the skills and competencies to prepare, execute and deliver official HSAP and HESG Tool assessments
  • Understand the Code of Conduct for Accredited Assessors and the Terms & Conditions for the HSAP.

How will I learn?

The course is comprised of a structured training programme, group discussion, practical exercises and a final exam, all of which are designed to focus on issues commonly arising with hydropower projects.

Who should attend?

Applicants should have a combination of:

  • Education - degree level
  • Work experience - at least six years of relevant experience
  • Auditor training - 40 hours of IRCA-certified training in EMS, health and safety or social auditing
  • An appropriate auditing qualification or experience - all candidates will be required to have obtained certification on an IRCA-certified auditing course which includes sufficient content on ISO 19011, such as an EMS Lead Auditor course, prior to accreditation (but not necessarily prior to the training course)
  • HSAP knowledge - familiar with the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Tools.

About the tools


The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol promotes and guides more sustainable hydropower projects. It provides a common language which allows governments, civil society, financial institutions and the hydropower sector to evaluate sustainability.

The HSAP offers a way to assess the performance of a hydropower project across more than 25 sustainability topics. Assessments are based on objective evidence and results are presented in a standardised way, enabling better understanding of how existing facilities are performing and how well new projects are being developed.


The Environmental, Social and Governance Gap Analysis Tool (HESG Tool), based on the framework of the HSAP, is designed to identify gaps against good practice and provides an action plan to help project teams address these within a reasonable timeframe. It is divided into 12 topic sections which are compatible with IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards and the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework.

Both tools were developed by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) in partnership with the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Council, which is formed of social and environmental NGOs, financial institutions, governments and hydropower companies.

How much does it cost? 

The standard rate for the training course is £4,500+VAT.

IHA members and Protocol Council Chamber Members can benefit from a discounted rate of £3,825+VAT.

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More information 

To learn more about the course and enquire about future dates and booking options, please email or IHA Head Office on +44 20 8652 5290 or

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