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Benefits of membership

By joining the International Hydropower Association you become part of the world’s most extensive hydropower network. Our members enjoy better access to information, new connections and strong representation on issues that affect them.

1. Shape your future

Hydropower, as the world’s leading renewable energy source, has a vital role to play in addressing a global water and energy crisis – but development is challenging on many fronts. We provide a strong, credible voice for the sector and for the role of hydropower in the future at national, regional and international forums. As a member, you can directly shape our strategy and activities through our working groups and regional events. 

2. Connect with the hydropower world

In a world where expertise and funding come from a global space, finding the right connections can make the difference between success and failure. By joining IHA you become part of the most extensive global network of hydropower stakeholders. Seven of the world’s top ten hydropower companies are IHA members, and we work with influential organisations such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the International Renewable Energy Agency, the World Water Council, WWF and many others.

3. Raise your profile

Hydropower businesses are competing across borders and continents for business. IHA membership extends your visibility to an international audience of developers, operators, governments, financiers, civil society groups and academia. By joining you can demonstrate your ambition and unlock new markets.

4. Access discounts

At a time when managing business finances is ever more challenging, knowledge-building initiatives such as training, conferences and resources are difficult to fit into squeezed budgets. We provide our members with priority treatment on a range of events and tools, including discounted registration for our events and training programmes, and privileged access to key publications.

Offers include a 30% discount to International Water Power and Dam Construction magazine

5. Stay on top of trends

The landscape for hydropower development is constantly changing, and in today’s communicative world it is crucial to know what is happening around the sector. We provide up-to-date information about policy developments, good practice, new trends and the latest expert insight. Our communications are backed up by our unique hydropower database, which monitors hydropower deployment throughout the world.