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IHA Board elections 2017: candidate profiles


IHA Board candidates

This year's IHA Board elections will determine who will shape and direct the association's work in the 2017–19 period.

There are a total of 22 candidates for the 18 places on the Board: in this publication you can read their statements on what they will contribute if elected.

Voting in the elections is open from 21 June until 2 August. 

The schedule for the IHA Board elections is as follows: 

Hydropower and the Rise of Green Bonds


Hydropower and the Rise of Green Bonds

So-called ‘green’ bonds have swiftly moved from a standing start in 2007–08 to being worth in the region of USD 37bn by the end of 2014 and as an asset class appear to be here to stay.

Hydropower and the Rise of Green Bonds looks at the growth and evolution of the green bonds market, and how hydropower fits into the picture.

2015 World Hydropower Congress Handbook


2015 World Hydropower Congress Handbook

The 2015 World Hydropower Congress Handbook is the essential guide to the event, including full details of the programme, speakers, venue, facilities and study tours.

The handbook also features guest interviews with high-level speakers at the congress, including Jin-Yong Cai (CEO of the International Finance Corporation), Zhang Jiyao (president of the China Society for Hydropower Engineering) and H.E. Elham Ibrahim (African Union commissioner for energy and infrastructure).

2015 Key Trends in Hydropower


2015 Key Trends in Hydropower

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

The International Hydropower Association gathers statistics and monitors deployment and use throughout the year. 2015 Key Trends in Hydropower highlights key recent trends in hydropower development around the world.

The briefing includes graphical information on:


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