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JIANG Longhua

JIANG Longhua

Vice President, China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co. Ltd.

With 26 years of professional experience in electricity industry, Jiang Longhua has successively served as: president of the Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid of China (SGCC) Tianjin Company; president of Beichen District Branch of SGCC Tianjin Company; president of Chengnan District Branch of SGCC Tianjin Company; HR director of SGCC Tianjin Company; chief engineer of SGCC Shandong Company; deputy director of SGCC Australia Office & Board Director of South Australia Transmission Grid Company & Member of BOD's Audit and Compliance Committee of South Australia Transmission Grid Company; and director of SGCC Europe Office.

Mr Jiang joined CET in November 2015. He has participated in hydropower development and long-distance transmission engineering applications, such as Ethiopia GDHA 500kV power transmission project.


10 五月
11:00 - 12:30

Hydropower and long-distance transmission

类型: Focus session

Connecting the hydropower resource, especially large hydropower projects, to major load centres can be challenging, particularly where the load centre is located a significant distance away from the generation source.