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CHEN Guanfu

CHEN Guanfu

Executive Vice President, PowerChina

Chen Guanfu, PhD in hydraulic structure engineering from Tsinghua University, senior engineer (professorship), is the Executive Vice President of POWERCHINA International Group Limited, a member of the Council of Global Water Partnership China and is a certified project director (IMPA Level A).

Dr. Chen has been engaged in the research, technical consultation, review, safety appraisal and completion acceptance check of hydro and renewable energy projects for many years. Most recently, Dr. Chen has been involved in the development and construction management of international hydropower, renewable energy, water and other infrastructure projects and has organised the technical work of national master planning and market study of power for 106 countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe as the leading expert. He proposed the business model led by technology, driven by investment and financing, and delivering full-chain service including feasibility study, FEPC and OM, and it’s been successfully applied for several overseas EPC projects.

Dr. Chen has organised the interpretation and benchmarking of Chinese technical standards of hydropower, wind power and solar power, and relevant industry training, and led the technical exchange for international technical standards. Dr. Chen led the team to accomplish a controlling stake (through an M&A) of an engineering company in Central Asia and completed a greenfield investment of a wind power project in South Asia. Dr Chen is experienced in the planning, engineering, EPC, investment and acquisition, contract management, and project management of international power, water and other infrastructure projects.

Dr. Chen is the chief editor of two publications, and has been awarded “Top 10 Outstanding International Project Managers” by the 8th China IPMP International Project Manager Award.


7 五月
13:30 - 16:30

Workshop 2: Hydropower and dam safety management (7 May, afternoon )

类型: Focus session
共同召集人: World Bank Group

Given the large number of dams around the world, the safe operation of dams has significant social, economic, and environmental relevance. Dam failures, however rare, can result in extremely adverse impacts, including a large-scale loss of human...

9 五月
11:00 - 12:30

Opening session: Visions for an interconnected world: Plenary

类型: Plenary session

The ways in which low-carbon, reliable and sustainable energy will be provided in the future are being designed today.