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Donal O'Leary


Donal O'Leary

Senior Advisor, Transparency International

Donal O'Leary has been working with Transparency International (TI) since July 2005, focusing on infrastructure issues in the water sector and procurement. He was one of the principal authors of TI's flagship publication Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the Water Sector.  He was a founding member of the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and represented TI on the WIN Steering Committee for seven years. He also represented TI on the multi-stakeholder forum that oversaw the development of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. Subsequently, he has participated in the committee in overseeing the rollout of the protocol.  Prior to joining TI, Dr. O'Leary worked for more than 20 years at the World Bank, developing and implementing water and energy sector infrastructure projects in Africa and South Asia. Donal also represents TI on the Steering Committee of the OECD-led Water Governance Initiative. This includes playing a leadership role in the development and roll out of water integrity indicators.



11 五月
13:00 - 14:00

Good governance

类型: Interval
共同召集人: Transparency International

Leadership in corporate governance is considered essential to the successful development of hydropower projects. There is increasing emphasis on promoting transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder engagement for good governance.