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Director, Equipment Engineering and Innovation, EDP

Miguel Patena is currently equipment engineering and innovation director at EDP Produção. He manages a team responsible for the design of all conventional generation fleet in EDP Produção, with a total of about EUR 350 m/year investment over the last five years. Aged 52 and born in Lisbon, Portugal, he holds a pre Bologna Power Systems degree from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa (1988) a Business Management Directives Program (2000) by AESE (IESE), and a post-graduate diploma in Sustainable Energy Markets from the European Energy Institute (2006-7).

In his division he has coordinated the design of thermal, biomass, cogeneration and hydro power plants, namely for the Frades II 2x400 MVA pumping units with variable speed. He is a specialist in distributed control systems, corporate process information systems and dispatch centres, where he was responsible for the design of EDP Renewables Dispatch Centre and Azores (EDA) Distribution and Generation Dispatch. In the past year he also developed a 220 kW floating photovoltaic pilot project hybridised with a hydropower plant in Portugal.


10 五月
14:30 - 16:00

Hybrid renewable energy systems

类型: Focus session

Hybrid energy systems typically consist of two or more different energy sources used in conjunction to ensure firm power output, increased system efficiency and ultimately a greater balance in power supply at lower overall costs.