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China Gezhouba Group Corporation

China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC), a member of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., is a state-owned enterprise founded in 1970. With a registered capital of RMB 4.6 billion, it became the first listed company in the hydropower sector in 1997. 

As of 2019, it has an asset scale of RMB 159.7 billion and over 40,000 employees. 

CGGC has diverse businesses covering the construction, environmental protection, real estate, cement, civil explosion, highway, water engineering, equipment manufacturing and finance sectors. The company mainly engages in the design, construction, investment and operation of projects in the fields of water conservancy, hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, power transmission & transformation, highways, railways, bridges, municipal works, airports, ports, waterways, industrial and civil buildings, etc.

In the past 40 years, CGGC has contributed to over 8,000 engineering projects, including the Three Gorges Project.