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Climate Bonds Initiative

The Climate Bonds Initiative works to mobilise the $100 trillion green bond market to invest in projects and assets necessary for a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy. The strategy is to develop a large and liquid Green and Climate Bonds Market that will help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects in developed and emerging markets; to grow aggregation mechanisms for fragmented sectors; and to support governments seeking to tap debt capital markets. Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit. Our work therefore is an open source public good.

Associated sessions

11 May
14:30 - 16:00

Climate bonds for hydropower

Type: Focus session
Co-convenors: Climate Bonds Initiative

Climate bonds and green bonds are examples of the emerging instruments for green finance and investment in the energy sector that could be used for hydropower.  They are fixed income loans created to specifically finance and refinance projects... (Read more)