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Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)


The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) is a productive government enterprise with the purpose of providing electricity as a public service. CFE reaches 42.2 million clients that together represent 120 million Mexicans, and has an annual growth of a million users.

CFE’s electricity generation infrastructure consists of 187 power plants, with a combined total of 55,890 MW installed capacity. The private sector has a 23.7 per cent share of this capacity (independent private producers). 

CFE’s electricity is produced by a combination of hydropower, thermal, geothermal, wind, solar, gas, coal and oil. CFE’s transmission and distribution lines extend over more than 937,000 km, providing energy services to 98.64 per cent of the population in both rural and urban settlements.

Since 2014, Mexico’s energy legal framework has stated that CFE is a ‘productive’ governmental enterprise, where efficiency, efficacy, honesty, productivity and transparency are guaranteed. In this new era, CFE is diversifying its traditional sources, extending into generation by gas provision and renewable energy technologies.

CFE’s hydropower co-ordination department plans, designs and supervises the construction of hydropower facilities, under the management of the Corporate Direction of Engineering and Infrastructure Projects.