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Conservation International

Conservation International

Conservation International works to protect the places around the world that people rely on most for food, livelihoods and fresh water—including for drinking, agriculture, hydro-electricity and other uses. Our projects start with sound science and offer innovative solutions that can serve as models for freshwater conservation anywhere on Earth. Given the critical link between water and people, we work to break down the barriers that exist to achieve freshwater conservation, and we encourage leaders, like the hydropower sector, to consider the value of healthy freshwater ecosystems in the decisions they make. By doing so, we’re promoting clean water for all.

In addition, Conservation International works to find innovative and successful ways to finance conservation of fresh water and other natural resources in the long term. This includes working with the private sector to encourage investment in natural capital that provides both conservation and financial benefits.

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Associated sessions

11 May
13:00 - 14:00

Productivity and forest restoration

Type: Interval

Hydropower operators are being impacted across tropical basins due to heavy sedimentation and increased climate variability. Recent research by Conservation International shows strong potential for cloud forest restoration to enhance water... (Read more)