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Heindl Energy

Heindl Energy's mission is to transform the world’s energy storage landscape, paving the way towards a sustainable, clean power supply. As a technology driven company, based in Stuttgart, Germany, Heindl Energy is engineering and developing the concept of Gravity Storage, a new way of pumped storage reaching storage volumes of 8 GWh at maximum cost efficiency. A team of civil engineering, geology, mining and geophysics specialists is planning a first pilot plant.

The fundamental principle of Gravity Storage is based on the hydraulic lifting of a large rock mass. Using electrical pumps, as already used today in pumped storage power plants, water is pumped beneath a movable rock piston, thereby lifting the rock mass. During times of insufficient generation of renewable power, the water which is under high pressure from the rock mass, is routed to a turbine, as in conventional hydroelectric plants, and generates electricity using a generator. Gravity Storage uses hydropower without the prerequisite of elevation and opens up a new dimension of energy storage.