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Why Addis Ababa?

Addis Ababa is an important political hub for Africa, hosting major institutions such as the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. There are more than 120 missions and political representations located in Addis, not far off the number in Washington D.C.

The European Union and the United States both have two delegations each in Addis Ababa, one for bilateral relations with Ethiopia and one for relations with the African Union.

One of the fastest-growing cities in sub-Saharan Africa, Addis Ababa intends to achieve more sustainable growth by shifting its public transport system away from the current informal network of minivans and buses. The city's first light rail line, carrying 200,000 passengers daily, opened in 2015. As Ethiopia’s energy mix is dominated by hydropower, this is one of the few light rail systems in the world powered by hydroelectricity!

Ethiopia has the one of the highest unexploited hydropower technical potentials in sub-Saharan Africa.

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