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Workshops will take place across two days prior to the main Congress on 7 and 8 May. All are welcome to purchase a ticket to these World Bank sponsored workshop sessions at a cost USD99 each; please just email us at

7 May. 09:00-12:00
Workshop 1: State-of-the-art sediment management practices 

This workshop, co-organised with the World Bank Group and the Water and Land Resource Centre, will feature recent case studies of sediment management methodologies and explore methodologies for implementing best practices into the operation and maintenance of existing hydropower projects and the planning of future projects.

Topics covered will include strategies for reducing sediment inflow from upstream, routing sediments and removing sediment deposits. With contribution from regional and global experts, this workshop will provide guidance to technical and business decision-makers. 

7 May. 13:30-16:30
Workshop 2: Hydropower and dam safety management 

Using as a basis an upcoming, comprehensive study on legal and institutional frameworks for sustainable dam safety, this workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to comment on the findings and share experiences from around the world on state of the art practices for hydropower and dam safety.  

8 May. 09:00-12:00
Workshop 3: Climate resilience for hydropower projects 

Our understanding of climate resilience is quickly evolving. Various organisations have been working to address climate-change risks in the context of hydropower planning, development and operation.

Some hydropower organisations have started to incorporate climate-related risks into their decisions and actions, and financial institutions are also assessing climate resilience within current hydropower project proposals.

Participants in this workshop will be invited to give feedback on the first climate resilience guidelines for the hydropower sector, supported by the World Bank Group in partnership with the International Hydropower Association.

8 May. 13:30-16:30
Workshop 4: Strategies to optimise operations, maintenance and modernisation 

According to IHA’s database of hydropower statistics, over half of the world’s current 1,000 GW installed capacity will have been or are due to undergo renovations for the purpose of upgrading and modernisation. By 2050, the entire current capacity will have required modernization. Forward-looking operation and maintenance strategies are required to ensure the best outcomes under time and financial constraints.

This workshop will explore the issues of operation, maintenance and modernisation from the point of view of decision-makers. Strategies for plant life extension; automation; repurposing; operating mode optimisation and the incorporation of different types of equipment will be covered among other key topics.