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Benefits of hydropower

Single and multipurpose hydropower facilities can make substantial contributions at local, regional and national levels. In addition to export revenues, they provide other local macro-economic benefits relating to employment, education, and recreation, and open up new possibilities for trade, transport and tourism. They can also provide services such as flood mitigation, water supply, pollution control and irrigation.

In order for the full value of hydropower projects to be realised and to improve the risk-reward profile for developers and investors, properly identifying and quantifying these benefits is of critical importance.    

However, the benefits of hydropower developments are often under-reported, and companies and project developers struggle to collect, quantify and share information on the benefits of their projects. This is due to the lack of an adequate framework or template that enables them to bring forward these added values to society and ensure such opportunities are taken advantage of.

This session aims to share experiences on the many benefits created by hydropower development, from a local, national and regional perspective and propose ways to best identify and quantify these benefits to aid the decision-making process. 


Briefing Material:

IHA & UNECA:  Identifying, quantifying and maximising the multiple benefits of hydropower




Focus session
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

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Ragna Arnadottir
Deputy CEO, Landsvirkjun
Antoine BADINIER 2017
Deputy Vice-President, EDF Hydropower Generation & Engineering Division
Jacob Irving
President, Canadian Hydropower Association
Katai Kachasa
CEO, Lufubu Power Company
Stephen Karingi
Director of the Capacity Development Division, UNECA
Group CEO, Sarawak Energy