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Capacity-building and skills shortages

Hydropower development and operations requires a variety of expertise. With a greater involvement of new players in the sector, increased expectations for plant reliability and longevity, and added emphasis on international standards, knowledge gaps have widened. To bridge these gaps, IHA will bring key stakeholders together, facilitating numerous knowledge networks in order to build and share good practices, as well as identify key challenges facing the hydropower community worldwide.

Discussion by an interdisciplinary panel of stakeholders will be centred around expanding support to capacity-development activities at international, national and local levels, and further strengthening the educational institutes to produce a highly-skilled workforce in the hydropower sector.

Dialogue will also cover the importance of management, operations, monitoring, technical services, operating costs, evaluating and planning throughout the value chain in the hydropower sector, as well as policy and regulatory frameworks and applicability in each country in order to extend the impact of improved capacity building in the hydropower sector.

Panellists will bring forward recommendations and priorities in order to address the challenges facing the fields of capacity building and skills shortages, and identify solutions to ensure the improved performance of new and existing hydropower assets worldwide.

The session will encourage networks to begin collaboration on various activities to build a better understanding of these topics, such as webinars, workshops, surveys and technical briefings. 


Focus session

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Gabriel Azevedo
Head of Environment, Social & Governance Division, IIC
Senior Vice President, Sales Africa, Voith Hydro
CEO, Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL)
Kaela Kennedy Siame
Director, Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre
Abdel Didier TELLA
Director General, APUA
Gibe III Project Manager, Salini Impregilo