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Climate resilience

Many countries are seeking a better understanding of climate change impacts – both positive and negative – and are beginning to build strategies and approaches to climate resilience into their plans for the development of new hydropower facilities or the refurbishment of existing facilities.

A likely next step among partners working in this space is to develop sector guidelines for both climate change adaptation services and the incorporation of climate resilience into the existing hydropower facilities currently at risk, and the planning of new hydropower facilities and major modernisation projects.

This session will be an opportunity to hear about good practices from key global players and introduce proposed guidelines or tools for building climate resilience into both planned and existing hydropower projects.

Focus session

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Pravin Karki
Senior Hydropower Specialist, World Bank Group
Alain Bourque
Executive Director, Ouranos
Bill Girling 2017
Senior hydropower sector analyst
Chair, Technical Committee on Global Climate Change, Dams and Reservoirs, ICOLD
Peter BAUM
Climate Resilience Investments Analyst, EBRD
Senior Expert, African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC), Economic Commission for Africa
Lead Environmental Economist, World Bank Group