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Good governance

Leadership in corporate governance is considered essential to the successful development of hydropower projects. There is increasing emphasis on promoting transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder engagement for good governance. For hydropower this is particularly relevant due to the number and size of contracts that projects can involve. 

This session will provide an opportunity to discuss initiatives within Transparency International’s Business Integrity Program in relation to promoting integrity and countering corruption in private sector corporations and state-owned entities.


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Click a speaker's name or picture for more information:

Tammy Chu 2017
Managing Director, Entura
Gil Maranhao 2017
Chief Strategy, Communications and CSR Officer, Engie Brasil
Donal O'Leary
Senior Advisor, Transparency International
Abdel Didier TELLA
Director General, APUA
Ed Wojczynski
Principal, EW Sustainable Hydropower Consulting