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Hydropower and interconnections in Africa

Driven by the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063, electricity infrastructure, transmission, interconnections and hydropower are simultaneously undergoing considerable development throughout the African continent. 

Currently the significant deficit in Africa’s infrastructure is resulting in increased production and transaction costs, reduced competitiveness of businesses, and negative impact on foreign direct investment flows to the continent. This is having a considerable impact on the rate of economic and social development throughout the continent. 

By improving the access to integrated regional and continental infrastructure networks and services, and by facilitating the increased use of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, the overall goal is to promote socio-economic development and poverty reduction in Africa.

This session will focus on developing a vision for Africa’s electricity infrastructure based on: strategic objectives, sector policies, and prioritised regional and continental infrastructure investment programmes and mechanisms for the further implementation of hydropower and interconnections. Panellists will be key regional and international players, who will bring forward current hydropower and interconnection cases in Africa. They will suggest recommendations and priorities in these fields, and identify potential solutions for the challenges facing the sector, over the short, medium and long term.


Focus session

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Xuming LIANG
Chief Engineer, GEIDCO
Chief Infrastructure Specialist, ICA
Secretary General, EAPP
Xianzhang LEI
Director General, SGCC European Representative Office
President, China International Water & Electric Corporation
WU Weining
Vice President, NARI Group Corporation