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Hydropower Preparation Support Facility


Properly planned hydropower projects can provide grid stability, energy storage and flexibility for balancing more variable renewable energy sources. In addition, hydropower can contribute to meeting national emissions reduction targets to mitigate climate change, as well as providing climate adaptation services through flood protection and drought management.

Bringing together government officials, financial institutions and leaders from the private sector, this session will discuss the proposal for a project preparation tool called the Hydropower Preparation Support Facility (HPSF). Such a facility would manage a revolving fund which would leverage investment in sustainable, system-supporting hydropower in targeted countries and regions where it is underutilised, such as in Africa. 

Supporting early-stage project planning by providing blueprints for the optimal development of specific projects, the facility would help ensure the right projects are built in the right place. In doing so, the blueprints would also reduce the financial risks associated with hydropower project preparation for private sector developers and investors, as projects would be ready for implementation with the necessary approvals already in place.



Plenary session
The World Bank

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Acting Head, Global Infrastructure Facility
Richard Taylor
Chief Executive, IHA
Global Lead, Hydropower, World Bank Group
CHEN Guanfu
Executive Vice President, POWERCHINA