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Small-scale energy systems

During this session, experts and decision-makers will discuss cases where large hydropower plant was developed and successful in terms of business performance and social benefits as a result of the support from long-distance infrastructure.

Smaller scale hydropower installations are becoming increasingly popular in various regions, due often to the opportunities for retrofitting existing waterways with power generating units and the relatively short lead time in developing and constructing some of these types of facilities.

Properly designed, small-scale installations can provide low-cost, renewable energy supply in regions where medium or large hydropower cannot be developed.

This session will discuss the advantages and some of the challenges associated with small-scale energy systems.

Focus session

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Anton-Louis OLIVIER
CEO, REH Group
Frederic LOUIS
Hydropower Coordination Director, EDF International Division
ghislain nicolas
Small Hydro Leader, GE Renewable Energy
Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO