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Social aspects

Social aspects can be challenging to overcome if developers are not able to gain the support from affected stakeholders and obtain a ‘social licence’.

Projects involving physical and economic displacement, and indigenous peoples can be more challenging to manage, and complex social issues can jeopardize, delay or halt hydropower development. In all cases, engagement with all affected stakeholders from the project inception, and awareness on how-to implement good practices is key element in hydropower development.

This session will provide an update on the work led by the Management Entity of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol on hydropower social aspects. The session will present the areas where the hydropower sector should require more attention based on the results of Sustainability Protocol assessments. Panellists will present tools developed to assist developers in overcoming social challenges and achieving basic good practices. This session will convey the perspectives from hydropower developers, non-governmental organisations, and social experts. 


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CSR Officer, EDF Hydro-engineering Centre
Michael SIMON
Co-director of Programs, International Rivers
Doug Smith
Independent consultant
Ed Wojczynski
Principal, EW Sustainable Hydropower Consulting