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Strategic basin planning

There is growing recognition that site selection is critical for successful hydropower development. There have been attempts to plan at the basin level, with the aim of optimising not only energy systems, but also broader environmental, social, water and climate change outcomes.

A strategic river basin approach for site selection, with comprehensive needs and option assessments, has proven to not only balance but improve the performance of environmental, social, economic and financial factors. Furthermore, basin-scale planning contributes to minimising cumulative and transboundary effects and planning mitigation measures more effectively.

This session will consider how we can optimise strategic planning at basin level and demonstrate that basin-scale planning generates more economic gains, as well as environmental and social protections, compared to business as usual, project-by-project, planning.

Participants will discuss the financial and economic benefits and costs or difficulties as a result of basin-scale planning and present their experiences of achieving multi-disciplinary objectives. This session will examine the added value of strategic basin planning, and look at international case studies of successful initiatives, and the implications for hydropower.



Focus session
The Nature Conservancy

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GUO Xuyuan
Chief Infrastructure Engineer, Yalong River Hydropower Development Company
Senior Advisor, Global Water, The Nature Conservancy
GIZ Advisor to Mekong River Commission
Fekahmed Negash Nuru
Executive Director, Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office
Global Freshwater Lead Scientist, WWF
Executive Vice President of R&D, Landsvirkjun
Jean-Michel Devernay
Independent expert