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Workshop 1: State-of-the-art sediment management practices (7 May, morning)

Improvements in sediment management are being implemented to reduce the loss of reservoir storage capacity resulting from sedimentation. This workshop will explore best practices in implementing at the planning, operation and maintenance phase of reservoirs, featuring a selection of case studies.

Hydropower energy production is being reduced by loss of reservoir storage capacity at an annual rate of one per cent globally as a result of sedimentation. Sediment management seeks to maintain the sustainability of reservoirs, extending benefits such as energy and water supply and flood protection in the long term. Nature-Based Infrastructures (NBI) offer considerable potential to reduce erosion rates in the watershed. In addition, NBI can offer further benefits to those associated with multipurpose reservoirs, such as flood protection, water supply, livelihood provisions and in particular can reduce the risk of natural disaster.

Following further research to reverse net storage loss, and therefore improve the sustainability of hydropower, the World Bank Group (WBG) published “Extending the Life of Reservoirs: Sustainable Sediment Management for Dams and Run-of-River Hydropower”. Subsequently, WBG launched a new initiative to collect and identify criteria based on case studies to assist in pre-feasibility-level decision making on sediment management.

A website on sediment management and the synthesis of a number of case studies will be presented at this workshop. The aim is to further explore best practices in sediment management for implementation at the planning, operation and maintenance phase of reservoirs with hydropower as one of their main purposes.

Focus session
The World Bank

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Pravin Karki
Senior Hydropower Specialist, World Bank Group
GUO Qingchao
Professor, IWHR
Greg Morris
Co-author, Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook
Bill Girling 2017
Senior hydropower sector analyst
ajay pradhan
President and CEO, C2S2
Pratik Pradhan
Vice-President for Business Development and Project Function, Butwal Power Company
R&D Manager and Dam Safety Responsible, International Power, Statkraft AS
Director, Water and Land Resource Centre – Addis Ababa University