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Workshop 4: Strategies to foster sustainable operation and maintenance (8 May, afternoon)

A lack of dedicated resources, proper training and institutional capacity can result in hydropower generating stations being poorly maintained and operated particularly in developing countries.  Poor operations and maintenance (O&M) of hydropower facilities can result in significant consequences including, high outage rates, performance losses and rehabilitation/replacement costs and may ultimately lead to lost energy production and loss of revenue. More indirect and longer-term impacts of poor O&M can also include dam safety concerns and public or environmental safety issues, which could potentially lead to loss of lives and properties.

This workshop will explore different models for the operation and maintenance of dams and hydropower generating assets, with a particular emphasis on best practices in O&M that can be brought to developing countries, where these issues are often amplified due to lack of capacity and availability of funds. The workshop will explore a roadmap for tools that could be further developed in order to foster and support sustainable O&M practices in the hydropower sector.

Focus session
The World Bank
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

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Jean-Michel Devernay
Independent expert
Bill Girling 2017
Senior hydropower sector analyst
Dominik GODDE
Managing Director, H2GO Consult GmbH
Hydro Services Leader, GE Renewable Energy
Head of Infrastructure Financing Division, Department of Economic Cooperation and Development, SECO
Pierre Lorillou
Senior Hydropower Specialist, World Bank Group
Norbert RIEDEL
CEO, Hydro Operation International Ltd