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Workshop 4: Strategies to optimise operations, maintenance and modernisation (8 May, afternoon)

According to IHA’s database of hydropower statistics, over half of the world’s current 1,000 GW installed capacity will have been or are due to undergo renovations for the purpose of upgrading and modernisation.

By 2050, the entire current capacity will have required modernisation. Forward-looking operation and maintenance (O&M) strategies are required to ensure the best outcomes under time and financial constraints.

This workshop will explore the issues of operation, maintenance and modernisation from the point of view of decision-makers. Strategies for plant life extension; automation; repurposing; operating mode optimisation and the incorporation of different types of equipment will be covered among other key topics.

This workshop will explore current thinking around best practices in O&M for the hydropower sector including:

  • institutionalising training on O&M best practices into developing countries
  • ensuring that IFC guidelines for O&M are enforced by the owner/operator
  • balancing economic decisions around refurbishment/modernisation vs. replacement
  • building long-term O&M plans to prioritise O&M spending on the “right components at the right time” vs. “just-in-time” O&M practices


Focus session
The World Bank
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

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Dominik GODDE
Managing Director, H2GO Consult GmbH
Bill Girling
Hydropower Development Director (interim), IHA
Norbert RIEDEL
Hydro Services Leader, GE Renewables
Jean-Michel Devernay
Consultant, World Bank Group
Speaker silhouette male
CEO, Mainstream Energy Solutions