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EDF leads major hydro projects in France, including €250 million invested in France’s biggest hydropower project Romanche-Gavet, and €100 million invested in modernising the Rance tidal power station.

In addition, EDF manages major projects abroad, including in India, Brazil and Cameroon.

EDF Group's hydro installed capacity is 20 GW in France (and 400 MW in Corsica and the French overseas departments), 1443 MW in Europe, 2800 MW in Switzerland and 1000 MW in Laos.

The company uses innovative high-tech tools such as regional e-operating centres for a real-time performance, the e-storage project, and a variable-speed generator at the Cheylas pumped-storage facility.

In 2012, EDF launched the “Une rivière, un territoire” programme to boost the economy in the valleys with two main objectives: stimulating the development of innovative projects focusing on water, energy and the environment; and making use of local skills for EDF contracts.

EDF has also numerous exemplary initiatives in support of ecosystems, for example the re-establishment of natural habitats on Kembs Island (the biggest European project of its kind) and the lowering of the Poutès Dam to support the local ecosystem.

EDF is renowned for its environmental expertise, as seen in the Romanche-Gavet project – a model of sustainability as defined by the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol – and the Combe-Madame biodiversity compensation project.