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GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy powers its customers with the world's largest clean energy footprint, combining the power of water and digital intelligence.

By leveraging over 100 years of experience, and more than 20% of the market share and global network, GE offers unique hydro solutions based on project-specific, cutting-edge and digital technologies to deliver the greatest value to customers. Smarter and more connected, GE's hydro plants no longer just generate power, they store it and deliver it to the grid with an unmatched level of flexibility and efficiency. GE is the only digital industrial company that can provide choices for the entire value chain of a hydropower plant from equipment and services for new plants and installed base, to grid integration thanks to GE Energy Connection. 

Through a tightly woven network of manufacturing and services site, GE guarantees greater proximity with its customers and provides them solutions that best answer their needs. 

GE’s technology is central to many record-breaking hydropower plants, for example: Three Gorges (22.5 GW) in China, Itaipu (14.8 GW) in Brazil, La Grande power plants (13.8 GW) in Canada, Guri (12.5 GW) in Venezuela and Tucurui (8.4 GW) in Brazil as well as Xianjiaba, the most powerful turbine and generator units ever built (880 MW / 889 MVA). 

Together with its customers, GE paves the way for an energy mix more respectful of our environment and societies. GE makes hydropower altogether more affordable, more reliable and more sustainable for everyone, everywhere. GE reinvents hydropower to unleash its true possibilities and build a cleaner world that works better.