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Ed Wojczynski

Principal, EW Sustainable Hydropower Consulting

Ed Wojczynski is the principal of EW Sustainable Hydropower Consulting. Previously he was a Division Manager at Manitoba Hydro with corporate responsibility for planning and developing new hydro and gas generation, generation sustainability assessment. His responsibilities included leading the public regulatory review of the Manitoba Hydro development plan including new hydropower generation (Keeyask, 695 MW and Conawapa, 1485 MW), a new 500 KV interconnection to the United States and new export sales. This review included extensive consideration of complementary and competing development of wind, solar, natural gas and other generation.

He was the Manitoba Hydro executive responsible for developing it’s aboriginal partnership approach for new generation. As the pre-construction project manager, he led the consultations and negotiations for the partnership in the Wuskwatim Project which resulted in the local indigenous community being a 33% co-owner and co-proponent both in the public and regulatory processes and similarly for the Keeyask Project which resulted in four indigenous communities owning up to 25% of the project.

He chaired the Canadian Hydropower Association. As a member of the IHA he actively participated in development and testing of the Sustainability Assessment Protocol and currently chairs the IHA Experts Group developing the Protocol Aboriginal Engagement Guide.