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Hydropower is a vital pathway to achieving net zero by 2050. However unless projects are built sustainably, hydropower developers will not gain the trust of emission-wary investors, government and most importantly, communities.

With this in mind, the G-res Tool is designed to help hydropower companies and researchers conveniently estimate and report net greenhouse gas emissions from their reservoirs online. The results can enable your project to meet Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Hydropower Criteria and gain access to exclusive funding through green bonds.

Before the G-res Tool, there was no reliable and cost-effective way of estimating the emissions created from building a reservoir whilst factoring pre-existing conditions and naturally occurring emissions.

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“Another innovative feature of the G-res Tool is its ability to calculate the net impact of a future reservoir on the GHG regime of a particular site. This is a significant breakthrough.”

The World Bank

“Another innovative feature of the G-res Tool is its ability to calculate the net impact of a future reservoir on the GHG regime of a particular site. This is a significant breakthrough.”

Yves Prairie, UNESCO Chair in Global Environmental Change

“As a consultant, I can see growing demand for GHG emissions estimates in tenders for hydropower projects globally. Thanks to the training I received on the G-res Tool, I can now provide clients with cost-effective GHG emissions analyses as a certified user.”

Karin Grandin, Sweco

“The G-res Tool helps non-scientists to easily measure a reservoir’s carbon emissions. With ongoing improvements to suit different climate regions, the tool provides a convenient approach for hydropower operators and companies, such as Sarawak Energy, to estimate the greenhouse gas profile of a reservoir.”

Jenny Choo, Sarawak Energy

Why you should use the G-res tool?

Take your reporting online, saving time and money 

Avoid the expense of sending your team into the field to take measurements. Take your reporting online and digitise the process.
Access exclusive green bonds through your reporting 

The tool is recommended by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) to demonstrate your eligibility for climate bonds. Through transparent and accurate reporting using the G-res Tool you can fund better, more sustainable hydropower projects.
Gain confidence from regulators and local communities 

Reporting results gained using the G-res Tool give investors, regulators and local communities greater confidence on a reservoir’s climate profile and carbon footprint. This confidence can translate to project approvals and greater investment.
Accredited and reliable reporting, made for the industry, by the industry 

The tool was created through a multi-stakeholder research project led by the International Hydropower Association and the UNESCO Chair in Global Environmental Change.

The tool was developed using a conceptual framework created with scientists from the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), the NorwegianFoundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF) and the NaturalResources Institute of Finland (LUKE), with assistance from the World Bank.

The methodology

The G-res Tool uses a methodology based on empirical measurements from more than 200 reservoirs worldwide. It considers emissions related to human activities and infrastructure and allocates these to various reservoir purposes.


Become a certified user of the G-res Tool so you can collect and report emissions on behalf of your organisation.

The training course will consist of:

Online classrooms where trainers deliver live lessons

Group activities and live Q&A sessions

Becoming recognised as a Certified User of the tool upon examination

Secure your place on our training course and become a certified user of the G-res Tool

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