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Ghislain NICOLAS

ghislain nicolas

Small Hydro Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Ghislain Nicolas leads the Small Hydro activity at GE Hydro, headquartered in Paris, France. GE’s small hydro range covers plants equipped with units ranging from 5 to 30 MW (60 MW for Francis). GE provides turnkey solutions (including turbine, generator, electrical and mechanical balance of plant, control system and hydro-mechanical equipment) for low and medium head hydropower plants with specific products such as PIT, SAM, horizontal Francis or vertical Francis turbine and generator units.

Ghislain joined Alstom in 2007 and has held various positions in business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing in the power generation sector. Ghislain has studied Economics, Law and Political Sciences and hold a Master degree from the University of Bonn, Germany.


Associated sessions

11 May
09:00 - 10:30

Small-scale energy systems

Type: Focus session

Smaller-scale hydropower solutions have proven to be successful in various regions where it may be more technically feasible and cost-effective to install small-scale systems than more conventional hydropower systems.

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