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Senior Vice President, Sales Africa, Voith Hydro

Heike Bergmann holds a master's in business administration and engineering and began her career in 1996 at ABB Calor Emag Schaltanlagen AG in business development and marketing of products for transmission and distribution networks. After being responsible for the development of new software solutions for the deregulated energy market she moved to Areva Energietechnik in 2003 heading the turnkey sales activities for high voltage systems in Eastern Europe as commercial director. After the takeover of Areva Energietechnik by Alstom Grid she held the position of unit manager of the service
activities in Germany. In 2012 she joined Voith as chief marketing officer and member of the board of management of the Voith Hydro GmbH & Co. KG. Since July 2016 Heike Bergmann hs been senior vice president, sales Africa of the Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG responsible for the global sales activities in Africa.

Associated sessions

11 May
11:00 - 12:30

Capacity-building and skills shortages

Type: Focus session

Hydropower development and operations requires a variety of expertise. With a greater involvement of new players in the sector, increased expectations for plant reliability and longevity, and added emphasis on international standards, knowledge... (Read more)