2023 Board candidate

Gia Schneider

Chief Executive Officer, Natel Energy

I am submitting my candidacy for the board of the International Hydropower Association because I believe that hydropower is critical to achieve a sustainable future powered by a reliable, zero-carbon grid. I have spent over a decade working to develop innovations that enhance the sustainability of hydropower; and have spent over two decades working more generally to tackle climate change. I will bring that experience to advance the standing of hydropower as a reliable, renewable and sustainable energy source. I have deep experience working with investors who are funding advancements across the cleantech and climate tech areas; and believe that it is critical to build equal awareness and enthusiasm for hydropower as for other clean technologies. My company, Natel Energy, is dedicated to advancing sustainable hydropower solutions, through our work on fish-safe turbine design and on improving the accuracy of river flow forecasts in the face of climate change. If I have the opportunity to serve on the IHA board, I will advance the principles of the San Jose Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower and collaborate with stakeholders to continuously evolve and improve the tools, systems and policies that the industry uses to guide action on sustainability

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