2023 Board candiate

Gil Maranhão Neto

Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer, ENGIE Brasil and South America

I have been working in the Brazilian electricity sector since 1994 and for ENGIE since 1996, currently responsible for sustainability and communications in Brazil and South America. In Brazil, ENGIE is 100% renewable and controls and operates over 12,000 MW, what stands for 7% of the country´s installed capacity. The company has built a reputation of allying professionalism, profitability, and social and environmental responsibility in implementing and operating big hydro power plants.

I have actively participated in the development and implementation of numerous hydropower plants, including Serra da Mesa (1,275 MW), Itá (1,450 MW), Machadinho (1,140 MW), Cana Brava (450 MW), São Salvador (243 MW), Estreito (1.087 MW) and Jirau (3,750 MW); and also participated in the development of the Tapajós HPP (6,133 MW).

I am an IHA Board member since October 2009 and subsequently elected Vice-President in 2013. ENGIE has been one of the first companies to use the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, in the Jirau HPP under construction, in 2013.

The plant is now under assessment with the Hydropower Sustainability Standard, in order to be certified. ENGIE has adhered to the San Jose Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower.

As a Board Member of IHA, in the coming 2 years, my objectives will continue to be (1) to engage more Brazilian members in the IHA working program; (2) to advocate for the use of the Hydropower Sustainability Standard into the processes of development, implementation, financing, and operation of HPPs; and (3) to have hydropower being recognized as the renewable source which promotes more social, environmental and economic benefits to the society.

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