2022 Board candidate

Jon Ulrik Haaheim

Senior Vice President, Statkraft

After working with different aspects of hydropower in more than 30 years and as a former board member of International Hydropower Association, I fully support the IHA charter promoting hydropower in the transition towards climate neutral and environmental energy systems.

To accomplish that goal, IHA’s administration and its Board members promote sustainable and good practice, support research and training, establish networks and seek to inform policy makers around the world about the large benefits that hydropower can contribute with.  

The distribution of value creation from Hydropower must be fair and contribute to local and regional development. Access to electricity and water is essential for communities and are enablers for growth.  

In a European context, it is vital to preserve and further develop the existing hydropower.

My employer, Statkraft AS, the Norwegian state-owned utility has over the last 100 years developed, built, and operated hydropower and takes part in the transition towards a “greener” future

If elected to the Board of IHA, I will commit to the charter of IHA and work to achieve these important goals.

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