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Secretary General, Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)

Lebbi M. Changullah is the current secretary general of the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP), with its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Lebbi M. Changullah holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He also studied engineering economics and energy planning at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He is registered with the Tanzania Engineers Registration Board.

He joined the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) in the planning department as a planning engineer, and worked in the same department as senior planning engineer, then principle planning engineer, and then manager of strategic planning, before being appointed as EAPP secretary general in April 2014.

During his employment period with the power utility, he attended trainings on several courses related to power sector specialising in, among others topcis, project management, generation and transmission plan­ning and also preparation of power system master plans.

His vast knowledge of the power sector was accelerated by his participation in various study tours, workshops and meetings in Tanzania and beyond, where he repre­sented the power utility, TANESCO, and his country as a whole.

Since joining the power pool, he has been managing the general secretariat’s activities, including project management, training and coordination with various stakeholders.