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Michael SIMON

Michael SIMON

Co-Director of Programs, International Rivers

Michael Simon is a river advocate committed to community rights. Since the late 1990s he has managed river and natural resource management programmes for Oxfam as part of its global policy and campaign work. He was Oxfam representative to the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum from 2008-2011.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience in water and river issues in developing countries, focusing on transboundary rivers, governance and strengthening civil society networks.

Michael’s areas of expertise include: supporting river communities’ rights over rivers and watershed resources; human rights protection; indigenous peoples rights over waters and lands; and improving gender impact assessment in E/SIAs in hydropower.

He has worked successfully with a wide spectrum of actors – from communities to government, developers and financiers – negotiating improved standards and safeguards and to promoting application in basin planning, project assessment and development processes. Beyond his primary focus in South East Asia, he has worked in North and South Asia, Southern Africa, the Pacific, Australia and in Latin America.

Michael joined International Rivers in late 2016 and is co-director of programs – leading on Asian programming and partnerships.