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Mohamed Abdel Aty


Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aty is minister of water resources and irrigation of Egypt and vice president of AMCOW. He has a PhD in irrigation and hydraulics, a degree in hydraulic engineering from Sweden, and an MSc in management and implementation of development projects from the UK.

In 2006 Dr. Aty received two MWRI World Water Day celebration best research awards and in 2001, he was awarded a medal of excellence in engineering. 

Dr. Aty is a water resources planner and manager, with 30 years of academic, research and national, regional and international practical experience in formulating, monitoring and evaluating water plans and development policies. He has solid international experience in climate change impact assessment on water resources, infrastructure feasibility, agriculture, flood and disaster risk management. He also has extensive experience in flood preparedness and early warning systems as well as community preparedness, flood monitoring, simulation and forecasting, flood risk mapping. In addition, he has a wealth of project management and contract administration experience, and experience in the field of premises and construction management and structure design.

He has contributed to the second and fourth World Water Forums in the Netherlands and Mexico, and is involved in the next generation of water leaders group.