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EuroSibEnergo (ESE)

EuroSibEnergo (ESE) is the largest private power producer in Russia and among the largest hydropower generating companies in the world.

ESE operates power plants with a total installed capacity of 19.6 GW, providing approximately 8 per cent of Russia's electricity and over 40 per cent electricity in Siberia. Over 15 GW in its generation portfolio comes from hydroelectric power plants. In December 2015, the company diversified its clean energy mix by launching a pilot solar PV power project in Siberia – the Abakan SPP.

Most of ESE's power assets are located in the Siberian region of Russia. The company supplies electricity to aluminum smelters, major oil and gas production facilities, mining enterprises, pulp and paper mills, machinery works, airline plants and over 1 million households.

ESE is engaged in all of the power industry’s key areas, including electric power generation, its transmission and distribution, power trading and supply. The company has an in-house engineering unit – ESE-Engineering – with in-depth industry knowledge that provides repair/maintenance/EPCM services to the company, as well as to the global market, including Africa, Asia and South America.

The company's strategy is focused on the development of clean energy, promoting energy efficiency and the reduction of its carbon footprint.

ESE employs over 25,000 people.

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