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Hydroenergy Association

Hydroenergy Association is a non-profit organization representing the legitimate interests of the strategic investors  in the hydropower sector in Bulgaria. Our members are the five largest investors and we represent 43% of the private sector in terms of installed capacity and 46% in terms of generation.

Our main objectives are to work for improved market conditions, removal of any barriers to hydropower development and increased hydro-electricity production, as well as creating an open environment for dialogue between energy undertakings and public institutions as well as other local and international stakeholders. We believe that successful policies and reforms in the energy sector can be effectively designed and implemented only in the context of transparent, expert dialogue to ensure energy security and independence at an acceptable social price and to guarantee conditions for stable investment growth in the sector.

In Bulgaria hydropower plays an important role with more than 50% of the state’s renewable energy being generated by hydroelectric sources and represents about 13% of the total electricity production. In the context of the European commission’s “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package of measures aiming to achieve global leadership of the renewable energy, it is important not to underestimate the contribution of hydropower to avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions. In Bulgaria the annual avoidance of CO2 is nearly 500 000 tones.

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