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LCS Cable Cranes

LCS Cable Cranes GmbH is an Austrian company specialised in providing efficient transportation solutions for various material and equipment using cable crane and material ropeway systems. With over 30 years of experience in worldwide projects it offers solutions for all kinds of transporting issues in inaccessible and steep terrain in the fields of hydro power (penstock and dam construction) and pipeline as well as bridge construction. Especially in the hydro sector, LCS offers different types of cable crane systems - for example radial, parallel and luffing systems for easy material handling during the construction process of a dam, or material ropeway systems for construction of penstocks or access to remote construction sites.

All these systems feature several advantages, like the precise positioning of the transported goods along the whole track in straight or inclined terrain. The systems can be operated under any climate (temperature ranges from -35°C to +55°C) and weather condition. Another advantage of an LCS system is the low impact on the environment opposed to the construction of roads, as their installation requires only a minor intervention into nature.

LCS offers its clients custom-made products for any transportation issue in tough terrain:

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