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RusHydro is one of Russia’s largest energy holdings and leader in the production of power from renewable energy sources, including water flows, tides, wind and geothermal heat.

The company unites over 90 renewable energy facilities in Russia and abroad, thermal power plants and electrical grid assets in the Far East, energy supply companies and research and design institutes. The installed capacity of RusHydro’s hydroelectric plants is 38.9 GW.

The company’s assets include geothermal stations in Kamchatka and the highly manoeuvrable Zagorskaya pumped-storage hydropower plant in the Moscow region.

RusHydro also has a controlling stake in the RAO Energy Systems of the East, featuring 9,047 MW of installed electric capacity, 18,206 Gcal/h of heat capacity and more than 102,000 km of grid lines in Russia's Far East.

Outside Russia, RusHydro owns the 561 MW Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade in Armenia. In addition, the company's holdings include engineering and retail businesses.

As of the end of 2017, the Russian Federation owned 60.56 per cent of the authorised capital of RusHydro.

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