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SN Power invests in clean, renewable energy on a commercial basis in emerging markets. The company’s primary focus is hydropower.

The history of SN Power goes back to 2002, when the two Norwegian state entities Statkraft and Norfund joined forces to establish a hydropower company with the mission to become a leading hydropower company in emerging markets, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development.

The company is today fully owned by Norfund.

The vision is still the same and SN Power is well positioned to be a major player in developing flexible renewable generation projects in developing countries both in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central-America.

SN Power concentrates on acquiring, developing, constructing, and operating hydropower assets and currently operate, through our Joint-Venture partnerships, hydropower plants in The Philippines, Laos, Zambia, Uganda and Panama.

SN Power has a multinational team of professionals globally employed with a head office located in Oslo, Norway.

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