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Mongolia's energy system consists of four main parts: the Altai-Ulias Integrated Network, the Western Regional Integrated Network, the Eastern Regional Integrated Network, and the Central Regional Integrated Network. The largest of these, the Central Regional Integrated Network, account 90 percent of the total capacity. Due to the large fluctuations of day and night load regimes, the construction of hydropower plants and pumped hydro power plants in the central region is currently a priority for the energy system. The total installed capacity of hydropower plants in Mongolia is about 24 MW and no pumped hydro power plants have been built yet.

Our company was established in 2019 to build a 75 MW pumped hydro power plant that will operate parallel to the Central Region Integrated Network grid as part of the implementation of the National Energy Program (2016-2030). The project will supply 213 million kWh of electricity per year to the grid. The project will improve the stability and reliability of Mongolia's largest energy system, the Central Region Integrated Network, increase efficiency, and create a domestic resource to restore the system in the event of an emergency.

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