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QIAN Gangliang

QIAN Ganglian

Deputy Chief Engineer, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute

Qian Gangliang is a deputy chief engineer at the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute. He has extensive experience in hydropower project planning and design and policy development research. He has participated in diverse national strategic planning activities, such as hydropower planning for the upstream reach of the Jingsha river and the middle reach of the Yalong river, China Water Resources Survey, the 12th “Five-Year-Plan” and the 13th “Five-Year-Plan” and the site planning of pumped storage power stations in China. He was also involved in the technical review and consulting service of a great number of hydropower projects, such as Laxiwa, Xiluodu, Nuozhadu, and Xiangjiaba.


Associated sessions

10 May
16:30 - 18:00

Renewable energy storage

Type: Focus session

It is widely recognised that the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy systems will require a significant increase in the flexibility of power systems.

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