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Hydro Services Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Robin leads GE’s global hydro service business based in Paris, France. With an active portfolio including O&M, retrofit and maintenance offerings GE is proud to be a leader in hydro power services. GE is committed to supporting our customers with safe, clean, affordable and reliable services for the installed base and has recently launched the Digital Hydro Power Plant and PRIME suite of support agreements.

Prior to joining hydro, Robin led the GE-Alstom integration for Alstom’s thermal power sector, overseeing integration planning and various regulatory approvals.

Robin joined Alstom’s Power Services business in 2009 in Baden, Switzerland and has held roles as a project manager and served as VP Product Management and Business Development.

Robin studied Mathematics and Economics at Kenyon College and New York University and worked as an Analyst at Citigroup and as a management consultant prior to joining Alstom.


Associated sessions

8 May
13:30 - 16:30

Workshop 4: Strategies to foster sustainable operation and maintenance (8 May, afternoon)

Type: Focus session
Co-convenors: World Bank Group, SECO

A lack of dedicated resources, proper training and institutional capacity can result in hydropower generating stations being poorly maintained and operated particularly in developing countries.  Poor operations and maintenance (O&M) of... (Read more)